Course History

The C programming course was firstly provided in the Department of Electronic and Information Engineering,Huazhong University of Science and Technology as early as last 1990s, which was the fundamental technical course for the major of information engineering and communication engineering. In 2004, the English course of C programming was provided for the advanced class of Chinese students. In 2008, it became available for the international students in the major of communication engineering. Currently, this course is assigned in the second semester in the first undergraduate year.

Course Goal

The course is assumed to be the starter course of the following computer-related courses in the bachelor training program. It is about to provide the basic theory knowledge of software programming for the bachelor students. After learning this course, the students are expected to grasp the basic C programming conceptions, such as data type, expression, control statements, function, array, pointer and structure. They are expected to be able to utilize these knowledge to solve simple cases of programming problems.

Teaching Faculty

Name Gender Title Responsibility
Wei Liu Male Professor, Ph.D Team leader
Wei Xu Male Associate Professor, Ph.D ICT issues
Jing Xu Male Associate Professor, Ph.D Tutor and lab
Chengwei Zhang Male Lecturer, Ph.D Tutor and lab